The Lazy Working Culture

The Lazy Working Culture

"When An Employee Practicing the Culture of Lazy, So He Who Worked To Ruin his best." - Djajendra

"It comes too late, when asked why, the reasons is traffic jams. Arriving at the office instead of working directly, but call friends and exchange pleasantries to an hour. Suddenly time was lunch hour, when asked on the progress of the work is not ready. Honest! I was very dizzy, sir. Do you have an answer to solve the problem in my office? " " Maybe you want to know our work culture? Our work culture is a culture of lazy work, and I'm already very tired of working with lazy people who make me very frustrated and desperate. "

I just listened to expressions of anger and frustration from the head of the company is in the midst of its employees. Perhaps the leadership of the company is hoping I can provide solutions to overcome the problems he faced. But, my own first-time stand before them, and do not understand anything about the innards of their company. So, I can only give answers that are normative to be able to open the hearts of leaders and also to generate employment discipline employees.

"If I had to work with lazy peoples, then I would be frustrated and my work productivity would also go down. Therefore, I am not going to let myself work in the midst of the people are lazy. I am as a leader with the power that I have definitely enforce the rules, ethics, integrity, and strict penalties, and will never compromise with lazy work culture. Because, I know that once my work behavior tolerate lazy and undisciplined, then the morale of all people in the office will come down drastically, and have great impact, including damage to the company's performance and reputation. Whatever the cost and whatever the risks, I would prefer to be more assertive and more disciplined people to become more diligent and more responsible. "Answer me

The class became very quiet and all eyes looked toward me, seen them all listen to my words very seriously. Then, they clap hands with others, and the question period then go on to build their awareness for this second start to be more diligent, more responsible, and more discipline in the workplace.

Lazy work culture will be detrimental to all parties, including would be very detrimental to the people who behave in such lazy. Lazy work culture will destroy the intelligence and ability possessed by a person. When an employee is working culture lazy to practice, then he was working to undermine his best, and are damaging morale throughout the team, even going to cause negative impacts in the careers of each person in the workplace.

Decisive leadership through systems, procedures, regulations, policies, ethics consistent and fair is the first step to enforce strict discipline and remove with lazy work culture. Leaders must meet with the lazy employees then speaking from the heart to heart, and explain to them about the adverse effect of work behavior morally lazy to everyone in the office, and will also adversely affect their careers and their own future. Leaders also need to motivate and help them to change the lazy behavior become diligent and highly disciplined behavior.

Usually when the leaders began decisively to dismiss those adherents of the work culture lazy, lazy people are definitely going to try to fight with all the emotions and anger they have. In this attitude which led a quiet and obedient to the ethics, rules, and laws will greatly help the intent to cleanse and liberate the organization of work culture lazy.

Quality leadership certainly early on have been using the strategy and power with the right to form a work behavior and organizational culture with the pillars of discipline, responsibility, ethics, integrity, motivation, and positive mind set to fight with the organization in creating a successful work and achievement .

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